Kiss and Ride Drop Off

Every morning rain, snow or shine we have our kiss and ride drop off for all students on our parking lot from 8:25 - 8:40AM. This is a wonderful way to transition your child to school each day. Each morning you child(ren) will be greeted by staff to assist them out of their vehicle an into school promptly and independently. This is a very effective and efficient way to drop your child(ren) off safely everyday. This is a quick process, when everyone does their part. We ask that your child(ren) have all the belongings they need with them in the back seat as you pull through the kiss and ride lane. There will be staff there to direct you to stop your vehicle or keep moving forward in the lane. We ask that you please follow our directions, we know how busy mornings can be with work and school. We ask that you NOT get out of your vehicle in our kiss and ride lane, this slows the process for all others. If you wish to get out of your vehicle for any reason, we ask that you please pull into a designated parking spot to do this. We do have very limited parking spaces on our lot. The safety of our students is first and foremost.